Our IoT Installation Team is More Than Just Your Boots on the Ground

Techmenity provides installation and commissioning of IoT sensors, gateways, and low voltage cabling for smart buildings throughout the Greater New York City region.

Techmenity’s goal is to improve smart building functionality wherever we go. So when we’re contracted for an IoT installation job, we’re not just installing sensors, gateways, and low voltage cabling; we’re looking at the bigger picture to make recommendations for optimizing other parts of the IoT smart building ecosystem. Our Tech Project Managers diligently conduct pre-sale walkthroughs and site assessments to identify issues in advance of installations and assess opportunities, challenges, and risks that may impact overall performance. 

IoT hub and spoke


Outsource Your IoT Installation


IoT installation is a new and growing category that requires the ability to step and repeat work throughout an entire building or complex. Outsourcing your IoT installation is a cost-effective labor solution that is priced to make the economics of your business model work. 


Expertly Trained Technicians 

Techmenity provides a structure for our teams to efficiently learn, train, verify and install your products. We prioritize clear and effective communication with your Project Managers to ensure the most professional representation to your clients when we’re working on site. 


Techmenity deploys teams across the Greater New York region for IoT companies that are looking for a trusted, tech-savvy workforce to install, commission, and provide ongoing service for their solutions. Our teams are familiar with intricate building infrastructures and have extensive experience installing sensors in residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. Our installation teams are made up of: 

  • Trainers
  • Project Managers
  • Installers
  • Logistics Managers 

Maximize your system’s potential by integrating with our Converged Network

We also understand that the benefits of individual IoT systems are maximized when they share data on a converged network. Our integrated, Future-Ready approach allows us to offer greater value, expanded scope, and wider revenue opportunities for our IoT partners. 

Devices/Sensors we integrate into our network: Indoor Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Motion, Water, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Gas, Light, Occupancy.

For more information on Pre-Sale Walkthroughs, Site Assessments, Signal Strength Testing, or Representation of your IoT brand as outside sales consultants please contact: sales@techmenity.com

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