People, Purpose, and Technology

Techmenity's approach to integration is rooted in a deep understanding of the end-user's needs, realities, and expectations around technology.

Before we bid on a project, we ask the client, “What is the purpose of the property, and who will be using the space?”

Throughout the planning and construction process, we always return to these answers to help guide our decisions around how we can use technology to improve the experience for both occupant and operator. 

Our 8 years of experience as AV/IT integrators in New York’s smart home - smart office industry helped us gain a deep understanding of end-user's needs, realities, and expectations around technology. Because our approach is always centered around purpose and people, our process can be applied to any type of project —  from new construction to renovation; apartment upgrade to office buildout; multifamily to museum. 


The Power of Place 


We leverage technology for buildings so that the people inside can thrive. We know that people can be empowered by their environment; that good design can reduce our levels of stress, stimulate creativity, and encourage productivity and collaboration. Walking into a thoughtfully designed space is a full sensory experience; it evokes emotion that imprints that moment — and that space — in your memory forever. 

We know that technology affects buildings, buildings affect people, and those people go out and impact the world. Our mission is to leverage technology to create buildings that are healthy, efficient, purposeful — and that these spaces will inspire the people who live, work, and play there. 


We believe that technology has the power to positively reshape our world. We’re only just beginning to see PropTech’s potential to affect sustainability, wellness, productivity, recreation, security, and community. As more and more smart homes, apartments, and offices come on the market, the buildings that house these connected living and working spaces are becoming smarter too. But we don’t believe in technology for the sake of technology. 


Technology is the enabler, not the end-game


Technology is a tool we use to enhance our lives by improving the functionality and aesthetic of the spaces where we live and work. Every system beyond core functionality must serve a purpose that contributes to the greater ecosystem and positively impacts the people within that built environment.

In every project, our goal is to use technology to elevate your work+lifestyle without disrupting it. 


This means that every solution must be as unique as the client. Techmenity thoughtfully curates technologies to drive value for the owner/operator and create meaningful experiences for occupants. From designing your property’s Digital Foundation to integrating energy-efficient systems, mood-enhancing hidden technologies, smart-apartment packages, or video conferencing solutions, we build environments that are intuitive and responsive. We’re then able to leverage data from these systems to improve building performance, inform real-time decisions for operators, and gain insight into how people are utilizing the space. 


Join Us


Techmenity creates new opportunities for technology integrators to partner with architects, developers, designers, and property managers to build harmonized communities where technologies integrate with and manage beautifully designed, WELL environments that support people working and living better. Alongside our partners, we are defining opportunities for a new class of healthy, efficient, Future-Ready buildings that will launch a new era in real estate: one that is both profit-motivated and purpose-driven. 



Schedule a call to discuss how we can help you leverage technology to support and enhance your property’s purpose. 

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