Building Smart for the New Year

Technology services that address the needs of today's urban landscapes while anticipating the evolving demands of the future. 
Building Smart for the Future

2021 was all about laying the foundation for our brand, refining our offerings, building confidence, credibility, and connections. 2022 is about solidifying, concretizing, bringing our vision to life. We are ready to get to work.

And there’s no time to waste. Techmenity is committed to helping NYC building owners and developers leverage technology to improve building performance and occupant experience. 

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This year, we’re taking the time to do things well; to partner thoughtfully, and act intentionally. We work with partners and clients who value quality in order to build smarter, healthier, and more sustainable for the future. We’re excited to work with people and companies who are equally invested in the many facets of this mission. Together, we are “Building Smart for the Future.” 

Every decision has a ripple effect. What will your ripple be this year?


Our Future-Ready technology services address a critical void in the design-build continuum to meet the needs of today's urban landscapes while anticipating the evolving demands of the future. 

Project Management: The Technology General Contractor (TechGC) is the central point of contact for all connected technologies. We coordinate timelines and oversee deliverables from each technology partner to ensure the performance of the Technology Master Plan, from AV to wellness tech and everything in between.  

Network Design: Techmenity designs a secure, scalable converged network that serves as your property's Digital Foundation and acts as the central nervous system for your building; connecting the various technology solutions deployed throughout the property. 

IoT Installation: Techmenity IoT Workforce provides installation and commissioning of IoT devices, gateways, and low voltage cabling for smart buildings. Our Project Managers are always thinking about the bigger picture to make recommendations for optimizing other parts of the IoT ecosystem. 

Specialized IT: Techmenity’s TechGC and Smart Building Consultancy services are built upon our foundation in network design and IT management. We are now offering specialized services for architecture firms and other offices within the design-build industry.


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