Technology Priorities for an Evolving Office Re-Entry Plan

Techmenity is working with business owners, interior designers, and property managers to help companies develop COVID-19 workspace re-entry plans. We focus on adapting existing technologies to meet the health and security demands of the new hybrid office. 

keep employees safe with a thoughtful office re-entry plan

Hundreds of new technology products are flooding the market in response to the pandemic. Many come from unregulated industries (like air purification) or haven’t been around long enough for adequate testing, which makes it difficult to know which products actually do what they claim. That’s why Techmenity believes in evaluating new applications for effective technologies already available to us


The solutions outlined below are prioritized based on the most urgent needs of any commercial space, providinglogical first steps towards creating a healthier office and building. Techmenity works with designers to coordinate with a building's existing infrastructure and map out a long-term, health-conscious plan for the workspace. 

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Why do you need a COVID-19 workspace re-entry plan?
Because your teams need to feel safe to do their best work. 

  • 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits.  (Fellowes)
  • 97% of employees believe the workspace is a symbol that represents how much their company values them. (BCO)
  • A well-designed office increases productivity by 20%. That’s a full extra day of work every week. (Gensler
  • Employees who are satisfied with their work environments are 18% more likely to stay, and 30% more attracted to their company over competitors. (Gartner)

 “We know that buildings have a tremendous impact on our health and well-being, and the role of indoor spaces has now become more important than ever. As we contemplate reopening our offices in the wake of COVID-19, it is critical that we take an evidence-based approach to make our workspaces safer when we return.” - Paul Scialla, Founder & CEO of Delos


Priorities and Solutions for a Healthy Office  

  • Priority 1- Reduce the risk of pathogens spreading through the air with increased ventilation, filtration & purification. If your building doesn’t have mechanical ventilation systems, use a portable air purifier equipped with an ultrafine particle filter. (Learn More)

  • Priority 2 - Reduce the risk of indirect transmission through the deployment of touchless technologies. High-touch objects like elevator buttons, doorknobs, or coffee machines can lead to the spread of COVID-19. We’ll propose fixes that reduce the amount of contact with these touchpoints. (Learn More)

  • Priority 3 - Support the health and safety of your employees by joining a community of organizations committed to creating healthier indoor spaces. Techmenity can help you pursue top Healthy Building Certifications that will prove to employees and building visitors that you prioritize the health of your space and the wellness of your occupants. (Learn More)

Our Process:

  1. Evaluation: Assessment of space to identify high-touch surfaces and measure air quality and ventilation effectiveness. Analysis of blueprints and floor plans.
  2. Recommendations: Permanent vs. stand-alone/ temporary solutions. Customize solutions based on floorplan and the specific needs of the workspace and teams.
  3. Installation: Activation and integration of technologies.

    Read the Full Return-to-Office Guide


Building health and efficiency are key differentiators

Most value-oriented companies already use their building’s efficiency as a way to attract customers and new talent. As a result of the pandemic, savvy business leaders and landlords are already leveraging healthier indoor spaces as recruitment tools and sources of competitive advantage. 

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“Offices with the premier health story will get the premium rent and get the tenants, and the offices with a lagging healthy story will lag.” - John D. Macomber, co-author of, “Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity.” and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

A Future-Ready approach to sustainability

And with heavy penalties looming for non-compliance with NYC’s Local Law 97, building owners would be wise to use these mandated upgrades as an opportunity to invest in their properties’ technology infrastructure. This network infrastructure is as critical to your building as plumbing and HVAC; your building’s connectivity should be viewed as the 4th utility. Investing in a Future-Ready network now will save you lots of money and headache down the road. And it will ensure that your property has a Digital Foundation that can support today’s health and sustainability demands — and easily accommodate upgrades in the future.    

In the end, it always comes back to the Digital Foundation. [Read this post to learn the 4 steps to building a secure Digital Foundation]


As our client, you also have full access to Techmenity’s comprehensive portfolio of business services, including:

  • IT Services
  • Computer & Network Management
  • Network Design & Infrastructure 
  • Office Relocation
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  • Hybrid Workplace Solutions

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