No More Free Proposals: 3 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Your Tech Design Upfront

Techmenity works with architects on low voltage cabling plans

3 reasons why paying upfront for your technology design will save you loads of money and stress later on. 

While many technology integrators offer free walkthroughs and proposals, often, paying for a more thorough design plan upfront can help you avoid costly mistakes down the line -- saving time, money, and sanity in the long run. Because, when it comes to technology planning, you get what you pay for.

Here are three reasons why it pays off to pay for your technology design upfront:  

1. Think Through Every Scenario 

Techmenity’s #FutureReady planning process is more thoughtful and thorough than a standard technology proposal. We help clients evaluate, prioritize, and execute on initiatives by aligning technology with project goals and determining the #roi of various solutions and scenarios to make sure your property has all the systems & equipment it needs — and nothing it doesn’t.

2. More Informed Budgeting

Our design process prepares the client with a more detailed understanding of the project’s true scope, which means more accurate budgeting and a better understanding of potential risks and challenges. Thorough planning means we can consolidate equipment and cabling to reduce labor and raw material costs.

3. Fewer Mistakes

Your Property’s technology plan maps out the connective infrastructure for all of your building's core systems. So if you make a mistake at this stage,  it becomes more difficult and more costly to fix later on. A simple oversight in planning can cause a ripple effect of costly change orders and missed deadlines. 

LESSON LEARNED: When it comes to designing the network that dictates the performance and security of your entire building, the opportunity to avoid a problem from the start is worth more than any amount of upfront cost savings you think you're getting by accepting a free proposal. 

With Techmenity's Future-Ready Technology Blueprint, you get a thorough tech roadmap that takes into account the functionality that your building needs NOW + anticipates the property's future technology needs.  

  1. The client gets a detailed multisystem specification, low voltage cabling plan, and a detailed budget plan (price proposal) for the furnishing, installation, and project management of all technology. 

  2. The client can then take this proposal and price shop with other vendors to implement the Tech Blueprint.  


If you're still accepting free technology proposals you need to give us a call: (212) 235-7011



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