What's a TechGC and Why Your Construction Project Needs One

Design-build teams need a Technology General Contractor to strategize, plan, and oversee technology.

During our 8 years as AV/IT integrators in NYC, we observed a consistent lack of ownership, oversight, and understanding of technology integration in both commercial and residential construction projects. Whether it’s an apartment renovation, office buildout, or ground-up commercial development, projects have become more and more technologically complex. But there’s been no new role to account for the coordination of these new technologies. With no technology roadmap and no integration stakeholder, projects routinely run over schedule and over budget. 

Like an orchestra without a conductor. 


Techmenity identified an urgent need for a new role that would bridge the gap between traditional design-build teams and specialized technology trades: Technology General Contractor. 

Design-build teams need somebody to strategize, plan, and oversee technology. This need touches almost every team involved in a project. Innovations in smart technology are accelerating faster than ever. With technology upgrading on a 9-12 month cycle, there’s no way for the existing roles to maintain up-to-date knowledge,  whether it’s the architect, General Contractor, or lighting designer. ​​The TechGC keeps design-build teams coordinated and working together around their tech deliverables, simplifying the nuances of multi-vendor management. 

Just as the conductor marks the rhythm to keep everyone playing in tempo.

The realization that we could solve this problem was the genesis of Techmenity. Today, we are a Technology General Contractor specializing in smart buildings, elevated homes, and flexible workspaces. 

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As the TechGC, we work with the architect, designer, GC, and subcontractors to ensure that your smart building, home, or office is delivered as envisioned. We support the construction Project Manager by recommending vetted experts for each specialized technology system. As the central point of contact for all connected technologies, we coordinate timelines and oversee deliverables from each technology partner. We provide insight into the value engineering process to ensure that economic decisions will not impact the holistic vision and performance of the Technology Master Plan.  

Techmenity’s goal is to bring a technology expert to the planning table of every development project to accelerate innovation in building responsiveness, sustainability, security, and control. 

We want to be at the design table.

By involving the TechGC in the early stages of planning, we can help to concretize a comprehensive, coordinated vision that defines the role of technology within the project. The TechGC is also able to ensure direct access and clear communication between the various technology vendors, architects, engineers, electricians, GC, PM, and other tradespeople. This guarantees that the critical infrastructure of the building — electrical, heating, cooling, access control systems — is always front and center. The end result is a property where technology is effectively leveraged to support occupant experience and provide ROI and return on time (ROT) for owners and operators. 

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