Reflections on 2022

At the end of every year, we like to take time as an organization to celebrate our wins, acknowledge the teammates and partners who have helped us get where we are, and tip our hats to the thought leaders who are asking the right questions and sparking meaningful conversations.  

Celebrating WINS 

  • Choosing quality of projects over quantity

  • Narrowing our focus & finding our small building sweet spot (< 100,000 sq/ft) 

  • Documenting our Future-Ready Building Method (trademark pending) 

  • Focus on the growth & education of our team

  • Deepening relationships with key stakeholders & understanding their pain points

  • WE’RE MOVING INTO A BIGGER OFFICE! This will allow us to host industry events, demo products, better support our partners, and stretch our legs. 

Theme of the Year: Collaborate or Die 

smart building collaboration

This year, perhaps more than ever, we’re seeing the collaborative spirit of the smart building industry — both locally and internationally. People are openly sharing insights and information because we all know that education is the foundation we need to build in order to move forward as an industry. 

Across the real estate, smart building, and design-build industries, there seems to be a shared belief that there’s a better way to do things. We are many different trades and roles working together towards a common goal of building smarter, healthier, safer, more efficient buildings and communities. 


Why we’re hopeful 


Most organizations are feeling the squeeze of the economy right now. But the one area where we’re seeing justified enthusiasm, optimism, and continued investment is at the intersection of technology and real estate. 

The VC-backed PropTech scene has exploded, creating an enormous influx of new products and software. The need is more urgent than ever to bring in a centralized technology stakeholder who can consolidate information and advise clients on holistic, best-fit solutions for their scenario. All while maintaining a long view that accounts for the evolving needs of the property to ensure it’s not just relevant but competitive for decades to come. Without this central role, we’re applying a band-aid approach to PropTech that will leave us 3-5 years down the road, in the exact same position we are now, having spent millions of poorly planned dollars.  

The real estate boulder is slow to roll, but we’re encouraged by conversations we’re having — both in person and online — that the industry is on the right track. With a spirit of cooperation at its core, smart building leaders around the world are laying the (digital) foundation that will support the accelerating wave of innovation that will power the next era in real estate and development. 


So, what are you celebrating this year? 

When you're ready, there are 4 ways Techmenity can help: 

  1. Read our blog post, What is a TechGC
  2. Read 4 Steps to Building a Strong Digital Foundation
  3. Check out our current project with Galerie Gmurzynska
  4. Schedule a discovery call with our CEO, Jamie Propp to talk through your specific use case

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